Alarms and events: always up to date in real time

Get notified immediately

Alarms and events to get notifications directly to your cell phone in real time.


Alarm history

View the list of all alarms that were activated with detailed information of each event.

Prompt localization

Instantly see the position where the alarm was detected.


Plan your strategy

Customize your alarms to maximize their utility.

Simple and intuitive alarms and events management

Manage alarms and events

MyWakes makes it possible to set up alarms for dozens of different types of events:

  • entry into or exit from a designated area (virtual geofence) with 2D and 3D views
  • excessive idling
  • vehicle towing
  • unauthorised engine start-up
  • speeding
  • departure from a specific route
  • use of vehicle during off-hours
  • excessive drop in fuel level
  • and many more…

Customize your alarms

Unleash alarms and events when the occurrence of an event will activate an alarm. Each alarm can trigger one or more of the following actions:

  • SMS sent to one or more given contacts
  • email sent to one or more given contacts
  • voice call (which reads a personalised message) to one or more given contacts
  • web call (webhook) using GET, POST, PUT or DELETE methods with personalised HEAD and BODY to any URL
  • call made to a third party IoT service, such as IFTTT, Stringify, Zapier, Microsoft Flow.
 Customize GPS Alarms and events on the Cloud Tracking Platform

Assign multiple actions to a single event

The occurrence of an event can be set up to trigger one or more actions that will be executed independently.

Assign alarm validity windows

Manage your alarms so that they can only be activated during specific hours of the day and only on certain days of the week.

Extend the range of events

Use optional features such as temperature sensors, driver ID kits and more to manage additional events.

 Get alerted by email, sms, voice dialing, webhooks, WEB API REST and IFTTT

Don’t miss any important messages

We are constantly bombarded by messages and so SMS texts and emails are often ignored for hours and hours.

Set up your most important alarms and events to notify via phone call so that they will get more attention.

To be sure that the message was understood you can also set the option which repeats the call until the receiver presses key 1 on their phone.

Include relevant information

When you set up an alarm (be it email, SMS, phone call or webhook) you can include the variables relating to the event that gave rise to the action as part of the text.

Therefore, you can provide information regarding position, the vehicle; you can attach the last track if available, as well as a link to the map indicating the vehicle’s position.

Interactive dashboard

Monitor all triggered alarms and events on the dashboard, which you can access in your reserved area.

Virtual geo-fences, anti-theft, crash, falls, speed limits

Inserting and Creating Point of Interest (POI)

From now you can have POI on all your tracks and maps of the Pickway and Keepway devices. A POI is a point that can be of and kind of interest, like a Parking area or a Tutor, from restaurant to airports. Every user can create his own point of interest or even...

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MyWakes is at Parma Fair: Salone del Camper

The Hall of the Camper From the 13 to the 21September of 2014, Wewill bepresent to the Fair of Parma “the Hall of the Camper”, Stand"HELLO CAMPING".  We wait for to you with our products, in order to discover with all the...

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