Personal GPS tracking security system: put yourself in safe hands

Personal GPS tracker for security

GPS tracker, position capture, job security, fall detector, virtual geofences, auto response and much more to ensure your loved ones are secure.

Everything under control

See where your vehicles are and what they’re doing on the radar so that you can take immediate action as required.

A solid system for job security

Security also includes data protection and our communications are encrypted and handled by our state-of-the-art server farm.

Reliable hardware

The MyWakes devices are top of the range, providing accurate data, a quality signal and robust design.

MyWakes GPS tracker is designed to send instant alerts

Immediate alerts

Security means instantly knowing what’s going on so that you can intervene at once.

The MyWakes GPS tracker is constantly monitoring their targets and there are dozens of specific alarms for every situation and every use to help you in your daily activities.

Also, our fleet tracking devices have satellite anti-theft systems that are CE 95/56 and ECE R116 certified, as well as CEI 79/56 certified, providing a black box function with crash detection and accident reconstruction features.

GPS Tracker for Access control

Control and protect your vehicles and goods with authenticated access technology: for example, using a RFID reader or iButton connected to GPS tracker, you can allow only those individuals with authorization from the control centre to unlock an engine or enter a certain area.

A panic button, installed in the driver’s cabin, and a remote control audio and video surveillance system will ensure job security and personnel safety.
In addition to these systems, there are specific alarms for vehicle towing with engine switched off, a vehicle leaving a specified parking area and many others.

Depending on user preference, each alarm can be set to send alerts by SMS, email or phone call to as many contacts as one likes.

Also, each alert can also generate webhook calls to other computer and IoT systems, making the MyWakes alarm system extremely effective.

Work safety, job security, access control and isolated worker are protected with MyWakes GPS tracker

Certified anti-theft system

The MyWakes tracking devices are CEI 95/56 and ECE R116 certified and allow you to obtain significant savings on your transport and fire/theft insurance costs.

job security also means taking action promptly in the event of an car crash

Crash detection

Thanks to the crash sensor built into the MyWakes devices, it’s possible to track and reconstruct accidents and collisions in accordance with the CEI 79/56 standard, with chart details of the decelerations preceding and following the collision and an indicator of crash severity.

All this information is also immediately notified by SMS, email, phone call or via webhook, including details of the accident, such as date and location, and any other information one wishes to send..

Customize your alarms

Include all the information you consider important in the alarms, such as vehicle licence plate, name of the individual, position (latitude and longitude), address, data and time of the incident, speed, links to Google Maps and much more, as well as any free format text you may wish to add.

All this information will be sent in the SMS messages and emails and it will be read by the system that makes the calls.

You can also trigger events in other systems or devices, sending this data via the web utilizing our webhooks, to make calls with the GET, POST, PUT and DELETE methods.

customize your GPS tracker security alerts
Inserting and Creating Point of Interest (POI)

Inserting and Creating Point of Interest (POI)

From now you can have POI on all your tracks and maps of the Pickway and Keepway devices. A POI is a point that can be of and kind of interest, like a Parking area or a Tutor, from restaurant to airports. Every user can create his own point of interest or even...

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MyWakes is at Parma Fair: Salone del Camper

MyWakes is at Parma Fair: Salone del Camper

The Hall of the Camper From the 13 to the 21September of 2014, Wewill bepresent to the Fair of Parma “the Hall of the Camper”, Stand"HELLO CAMPING".  We wait for to you with our products, in order to discover with all the functionalities.

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