Asset GPS tracker to protect your goods

Resistant and practical asset tracker

The MyWakes asset tracker is built for maximum shock and water resistance and the additional protective case renders them waterproof and virtually impossible to detect.

Small and compact

Thanks to their small size, the devices allow you track all types of assets, whether its containers or trailers, pallets or baggage, large cartons or small packages.

Protect from theft

MyWakes GPS asset tracker will protect your goods from theft by remotely monitoring their position at all times and recover stolen assets quickly.

Improve efficiency

Optimize resource management, identifying how the resources are being used, schedule routine maintenance and detect tampering.

GPS asset tracker to protect your goods

GPS is no longer just for cars

The MyWakes asset tracking devices can be installed on your company’s equipment and other valuable items to monitor their position and use.

Control and analysis

When used together with our cloud platform, the devices can monitor and log all types of information regarding the assets on which they are installed, such as usage time, position, temperature, filling level, when the asset moved or when it stopped and for how long, plus much more.

The exact position anywhere

The small and compact device features internal GPS and GPRS antennas and is able to receive GPS and GLONASS signals, triangulating up to 55 satellites, whereas GSM and GPRS Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz enable data to be sent worldwide.

Protect yourself from theft

Activate the anti-theft system when you leave your equipment, containers or trailers unattended: always know their exact position and get immediate alerts in case they are moved.

small and compact device features internal GPS and GPRS

Increase control

With MyWakes Asset Tracker you will take control of everything you want to monitor: a refrigerator, a garbage container, or any other valuable asset.

Maximum duration

Install the device together with the external battery kit for months of autonomy.

Asset tracker built-in accelerometer

Allows the device to enter into a low power sleep mode when it doesn’t detect motion, helping to extend battery life.

long-life battery to install the device on non-powered assets such as trailers or container

Long battery life

Thanks to the long-life battery, you can install the device on non-powered assets such as trailers or containers. This enables you to track the tractor and trailer separately.

Connect your ERP software

Use our configurable webhooks, our Rest APIs and our IoT management technology (IFTTT, Microsoft Flow, Stringify and Zapier) to connect your company software or other devices to the events generated by MyWakes.

Open to developers

Virtual geo-fences

Define simple geographic areas (circles or squares) or complex ones (polygons with multiple vertices) to delimit a particular area, such as a car park or a freight area, and receive an automatic alert when the monitored object enters or exits an area to alert, for example, a customer that his delivery is coming.

Recinti virtuali
delimit a particular area and receive an automatic alert when the monitored object enters or exits an area to alert
MyWakes GPS asset tracker is specifically designed to withstand the harshest environments

Ideal for trailers and swap bodies

Specifically designed to withstand the harshest environments, thanks to the IP67 rated waterproof housing; the trackers can operate for long periods of time without external power, even up to 3 months on a single charge using the ultra-high capacity internal battery.

An optional solar panel feature is available for more demanding power requirements.

GPS Tracking for iPhone and Android

MyWakes supports bTraced: the mobile app that allows iPhone and Android smartphone GPS tracking. Using a smartphone app to track your movements is now possible thanks to the new interface developed by MyWakes for bTraced tracking app. BTraced App is available for iOS...

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MyWakes tracking API in best Web API Rest listings

MyWakes tracking APIs are ranked seventh in Programmable Web's SDKs and Sample Code Listings, the leading source of news & information about APIs. Programmable Web, the leading source of news & information about APIs, chronicling the evolution of the global...

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Avioportolano chart integration

MyWakes integrates Avioportolano flight charts and overlays the map with the tracks of your flights. MyWakes increases flight tracking services thanks to the new connection between its GPS flight tracker system and the Avioportolano maps - reference for aeronautical...

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New REsT Web API and swagger interface for developers

We have just released our new Web API. It’s based on industry-standard REST principles and allows your applications and devices to fully interact with MyWakes Platform through standard HTTP requests. We have just released our new Web API. It’s based on...

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