FAQ: MyWakes frequently asked questions… and answers!

What is MyWakes ?

MyWakes is an Internet cloud platform with a software made for GPS tracking of vehicles, assets, animals, children, elder and people in general.

The service is provided with an annual fee and includes also the GPS tracker device most suitable to your needs between PickWay, KittWay, KeepWay and PhoneWay.

The MyWakes GPS tracking platform now supports bTraced: the GPS tracking App for iPhone and Android Smartphone, downloadable from Apple Store and Google Play Store.

How do GPSs send data to MyWakes?

GPS devices constantly send information to our platform using a GPRS (2G) data connection (the same kind of data connection that smartphones use to navigate).

Because of this it is necessary to insert a DATA SIM in each device.

Our GPS are designed to send data in a compressed manner for which a contract with minimal traffic is sufficient (traffic varies depending on the uses but 100 MB / month are sufficient for 90% of our customers).

What MyWakes is for?

MyWakes lets you know the GPS location of devices (and vehicles, people, animals or assets connected) in real time.

MyWakes is a WEB platform so it can be used from any computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone connected to the Internet.

All MyWakes devices, in are equipped with GPS GLONASS to send the exact location. Furthermore they, are equipped with sensors and physical buttons that allow you to completely monitor every situation.

Do I have to install any software on my pc?

No. MyWakes is accessible via the web using any Web browser between Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari etc.

If you want to use MyWakes on your mobile phone it is better to install our App available for Android on Google Play and for Apple IOS on Apple Store.

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What is bTraced?

bTraced is an App for iPhone and Android Smartphones that allows you to save and store your trips using your mobile phone.

Is bTraced free?

The cost of the bTraced smartphone GPS tracking App is not controlled by MyWakes so we can not know the exact price.

At the moment we have included the support for bTraced the cost ranged from 1 to 2 euros.

Is MyWakes free for those who are tracking with bTraced?

MyWakes offers a 30-day trial period for bTraced users to evaluate all features.

Once this period has elapsed, it will be necessary to purchase a regular subscription for 1, 3, 6, 12 or 24 months.

Is bTraced a MyWakes product?

No. bTraced is developed by third-party developers who have no relationship with MyWakes.

MyWakes has simply decided to include the support for bTraced tracking app because we have evaluated it as an interesting and valid product.

What are usage limits for bTraced?

bTraced can be used without any restrictions.

The only limit imposed to not burden on the user experience of the App with MyWakes platform, is that a “trip” of bTraced (a track of MyWakes) can not exceed 1,000 points because, on a journey with more than a thousand surveys, the visualization of the route could be slowed down.

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