Location API to integrate MyWakes into your software

Cut down on costs

Integrates MyWakes tracking, GPS location API quickly and easily, minimizing Time-To-Market and its costs


Comprehensive support

Browse the documentation and download the demos to start developing right away, using our dedicated website for real-time testing of the calls.


Implement the maps at no additional cost with the https protocol to ensure maximum security and privacy for your users.

Open to all languages

The MyWakes interfaces utilise standard ReST so they can be implemented using any programming language.

Designed for developers

MyWakes is open to all those wishing to integrate tracking services into their web or desktop applications. We’ve created an entire website specifically for this tracking and location API project, containing all the documentation and demo apps to help you develop your own tracking and geo-location app.
The website also provides an interface enabling you to test the calls and see the responses immediately, without writing code.

GPS Tracking and location API are designed to maximize time-to-market

Extend MyWakes with GPS tracking and location APIs and more…


For every MyWakes event you can associate a call to a service available on any third party server using the GET, POST, PUT, DELETE methods and personalising HEAD and BODY.


Create your own fully featured tracking solution or integrate your existing app with the tracking functions and data collected from the MyWakes devices and platform, thanks to the hundreds of REST APIs available on the developer website.


Extend MyWakes by connecting it to your preferred services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Fitbit, Slack, Skype and others, and to your IoT connected devices: Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Netatmo and many more.


Interface MyWakes with your preferred smart devices using Stringify.

Microsoft Flow

Connect the MyWakes events in Microsoft Flow to simplify repetitive tasks through workflow automation.


Link MyWakes to those services allowing you to build additional automated workflows by connecting the others apps and services you use.

With tracking and location API you can import information into your management

Integration with ERP management systems

MyWakes has developed a series of REST location API interfaces making two-way interaction with our cloud possible from any desktop or web-based ERP management system, so that you can obtain the current position, a track summary, detailed information on each route (including distances, idle times and drive times), view trips and all the stats, modify settings, obtain reports and much more.

Create your own tracking app

Use the MyWakes APIs to quickly and easily build a tracking app.

Integrate MyWakes

Use the calls to MyWakes to retrieve the mileage data from the vehicles within a fleet and generate trip reports.

Start right away

Go to developer.mywakes.com and download fully functional demo apps with source code.

MyWakes is Open

For years now we have been working together to develop Swagger, the world’s most popular framework for Open API 2.0 compliant REST APIs.

The MyWakes Developer project is designed to minimize Time-To-Market and infrastructure costs.

Streamlined management
Now you can forget about infrastructure, databases and backups because we’ve got it covered: the MyWakes server farm uses cutting-edge technologies and a secure HTTPS communication channel.

Faster development
Even developing code is simplified: not only can you test calls in real time on our dedicated developer website but you can also find client SDKs for more than 30 programming languages.

Control panel

By accessing the developers section within your reserved area on the MyWakes website, you can check all your location API calls made, view the data actually received by the server and the response actually sent to your client in order to verify that the apps are functioning properly and to facilitate debugging.

You can also query the stats and check which calls are most frequently used and at what time of the day they are made.

Scalable, modular and secure

MyWakes can interact with any GPS-equipped device. PickWay, KeepWay and KittWay are already configured to work with the MyWakes infrastructure, then through implementation of the MyWakes REST APIs, literally any hardware device can be used.

The position acquired by the GPS signal is sent to the MyWakes infrastructure over a TCP/IP network (through the GPRS signal).

The MyWakes IT system then processes the information and stores it, making it available to users and with any type of device.

Based on standards

The MyWakes REST APIs are based on the OpenAPI standard specification, the model-driven approach for ReST services.

The MyWakes website dedicated to developers – developer.mywakes.com – was created with Swagger, the most popular open-source framework for REST APIs. It fully adheres to the OpenAPI specifications and contains all the documentation regarding the MyWakes APIs, enabling you also to test each command in a matter of seconds, before inserting it into your code.

GPS Tracking for iPhone and Android

GPS Tracking for iPhone and Android

MyWakes supports bTraced: the mobile app that allows iPhone and Android smartphone GPS tracking. Using a smartphone app to track your movements is now possible thanks to the new interface developed by MyWakes for bTraced tracking app. BTraced App is available for iOS...

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MyWakes tracking API in best Web API Rest listings

MyWakes tracking API in best Web API Rest listings

MyWakes tracking APIs are ranked seventh in Programmable Web's SDKs and Sample Code Listings, the leading source of news & information about APIs. Programmable Web, the leading source of news & information about APIs, chronicling the evolution of the global...

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Avioportolano chart integration

Avioportolano chart integration

MyWakes integrates Avioportolano flight charts and overlays the map with the tracks of your flights. MyWakes increases flight tracking services thanks to the new connection between its GPS flight tracker system and the Avioportolano maps - reference for aeronautical...

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New REsT Web API and swagger interface for developers

New REsT Web API and swagger interface for developers

We have just released our new Web API. It’s based on industry-standard REST principles and allows your applications and devices to fully interact with MyWakes Platform through standard HTTP requests. We have just released our new Web API. It’s based on...

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