Position and routes of your fleet always under control

Precise position and routes

Know the status of your entire fleet in real time: position and routes, distance traveled, departure, arrival and idle times for each individual vehicle.


Complete control of the situation

See if your vehicles are stationary or moving; if their engines are on or off.

With you wherever you go

Monitor the situation from any internet-connected device: computer, tablet or smartphone.

Check routes

By clicking the icon of each vehicle you can immediately view the trip that it has just taken.

send job assignment and watch their position and routes

Improved efficiency

Calculate the times and distances between one of your vehicles and a specific destination, while monitoring up-to-the-minute traffic information, so that you can efficiently plan your entire fleet’s job assignments always taking a look at the position and routes.

Send drivers their job assignments

Directly notify operators of their destinations,position and routes, thanks to the onboard GPS Garmin navigation system that is connected to the MyWakes GPS device, thereby cutting down task planning times.


Google Street View

Thanks to the agreement with Google, not only can you access the maps on Google Maps over a secure HTTPS connection, but you can also access the satellite images and Google Street View.

In this way you can verify the actual position and routes of each vehicle, checking for idling in specific areas, such as warehouses, parking lots, historic city centers and restaurants or checking that the vehicles are not stopped near any no-entry areas, restricted traffic areas, gates or road obstacles.

access to position and routes on Google Maps and Google Street View

It’s immediate

Immediately see the positions (and duration) where your vehicle is idle or stopped directly on the map.

It’s customisable

Set your preferred units of measurement and your time zone.

It’s precise

The combined GPS, GLONASS and GPRS technologies allow for extremely precise point positioning.

analyze position and routes in real time through mywakes tracking platform

Analyze position and routes

MyWakes maps the trips that each of your vehicles has made.

You can monitor distance traveled, drive times, positions where vehicles were idle or stopped, average speeds and speeds at any point along the route.

You can view the graphs showing changes in speed and altitude over time.

Thanks to fuel level and temperature sensors, you can also view the graphs tracking the changes in these two factors.

Location history

MyWakes guarantees 12 months of data history.

Choose a track to see detailed information, including stats on speeds, altitudes, drive times; view the map or satellite image, as well as lots of other data.

You can extract position and routes information over a several day period and combine different tracks.

You can then export these routes onto GPX (GPS Exchange Format) files.

GPS Garmin integration with tracking platform position and routes history

Events and actions

MyWakes provides dozens of different types of fully configurable alarms and events for the safety and security of your fleet.

You can be notified via SMS, email, phone call or by triggering an alert to a third party server via our webhooks.

Each activated alarm can provide details of the event that triggered it, such as exact time, address, vehicle licence plate, speed, etc.

Monitor situations such as the following:

  • engine start-up with anti-theft system armed
  • temperature in refrigerated truck is exceeded
  • vehicle exits a 2D or 3D virtual boundary
  • movement within an area
  • vehicle is idle or stopped at POIs
  • a set speed is exceeded
  • position and routes
  • movement with engine off (towing)
  • departure from a set route
  • movement of vehicle during off-hours
  • excessive drop in fuel level
  • engine lock/unlock
  • and many more…
measure distances and times that your vehicles have traveled


Measure the distances that your vehicles have traveled in order to plan scheduled maintenance and improve fleet management, especially for long term hires.

Hour meter

For the management of heavy equipment, industrial vehicles and construction site machinery it is of upmost importance to supplement GPS data with information on running times, position and routes. MyWakes is also useful with vehicles that do not travel extensively but are still subject to wear and tear relating to hours of operation.

GPS Tracking for iPhone and Android

GPS Tracking for iPhone and Android

MyWakes supports bTraced: the mobile app that allows iPhone and Android smartphone GPS tracking. Using a smartphone app to track your movements is now possible thanks to the new interface developed by MyWakes for bTraced tracking app. BTraced App is available for iOS...

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MyWakes tracking API in best Web API Rest listings

MyWakes tracking API in best Web API Rest listings

MyWakes tracking APIs are ranked seventh in Programmable Web's SDKs and Sample Code Listings, the leading source of news & information about APIs. Programmable Web, the leading source of news & information about APIs, chronicling the evolution of the global...

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Avioportolano chart integration

Avioportolano chart integration

MyWakes integrates Avioportolano flight charts and overlays the map with the tracks of your flights. MyWakes increases flight tracking services thanks to the new connection between its GPS flight tracker system and the Avioportolano maps - reference for aeronautical...

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New REsT Web API and swagger interface for developers

New REsT Web API and swagger interface for developers

We have just released our new Web API. It’s based on industry-standard REST principles and allows your applications and devices to fully interact with MyWakes Platform through standard HTTP requests. We have just released our new Web API. It’s based on...

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