PhoneWay Pro 2018: the evolution of the GPS phone for security


The GPS tracker designed with security in mind

GPS tracker features speed dialling and SOS panic button.


Man down alarm

The accelerometer detects falls and reduces battery power consumption.


The GPS phone with display

The OLED display allows you to read text messages and select numbers from the phone’s contacts list.


Long lasting battery

Low power consumption and power management technology maximize battery life.

powerful GSM phone and GPS tracker designed to monitor seniors, children and lone workers

GPS locator and phone

PhoneWay is a powerful GSM phone and GPS locator designed specifically to monitor seniors, children and lone workers.

Maximum security

PhoneWay features four buttons to speed dial stored numbers, as well as a central, readily accessible panic button that can send an SOS alert to designated contacts (relatives, supervisors, control centre or anyone else).

Flexible and configurable

The auto reply function allows authorised numbers to call the phone and speak without the recipient having to press any button.

Set the authorized incoming and outgoing numbers to restrict phone calls to and from authorized contacts.

Extremely long lasting

With an integrated, 3-axis accelerometer detecting motion and using sophisticated power management algorithms, it can maximize the internal battery’s running time, which will normally last up to several days.

GPS tracker real time management

Thanks to the Quad-band GPRS/GSM chipset that supports 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, PhoneWay is able to send its position to the MyWakes platform in real time.

In the event of network failure, PhoneWay will start saving the position in its internal memory (up to 10’000 positions) and as soon as the connection is restored, it will send the entire memory to MyWakes.

PhoneWay is able to send its position to the MyWakes platform in real time

Automatic answer

Call your loved ones or your staff without engaging your hands and without having to press any key.

The GPS tracker that don’t miss a point

PhoneWay GPS tracker phone uses its internal memory to save tracks when no GPRS signal is available.

As soon as the signal is restored, PhoneWay will download the buffer onto the platform, showing you all the points.

GPS tracker that features an effective 3-axis accelerometer to detect man down an falls

Easy to use

PhoneWay is small, lightweight and sturdy, the ideal safety device for your loved ones and for lone workers; it can be kept in your pocket or handbag thanks to its extremely compact design.

The SOS panic button can be programmed to immediately trigger an alarm, whereas the 4 front panel buttons are designed to dial stored numbers.

It also features a contacts list that can store up to 20 numbers.

Designed for your peace of mind

Featuring an effective 3-axis accelerometer, PhoneWay can detect if the wearer has fallen and will send an immediate alert to the stored contacts list.

To monitor those that are not fully self-sufficient but cherish their independence, you can set virtual geo-fences that will alert you if the person wanders outside a determined safety zone.

Outstanding performance... and faster

Featuring a next generation GPS receiver, it has superior precision and is incredibly fast at triangulating points.

GPS tracker GSM specifications


Quad band: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

Compliant to GSM phase 2/2+

-Class 4 (2W @ 850/900 MHz)

-Class 1 (1W @ 1800/1900 MHz)


GPRS multi-slot class 12; GPRS mobile station class B

RMS Phase Error

5 deg

Max Out RF Power

33.0±2 dBm

Dynamic Input Range

-15 ~ -108 dBm

Receiver Sensitivity

Class Ⅱ RBER 2% (-102 dBm)

Stability Of Frequency / Max Frequency Error

< 2.5 ppm / ± 0.1 ppm

General specifications

Dimensions and weights

75mm*42.5mm*17.5mm; 65g


Polymer Li-ion 850 mAh


Without reporting: 190 hours

5 minutes reporting: 95 hours

10 minutes reporting: 110 hours

Charging voltage


Operating temperature

-20℃ ~ +55℃

GPS specifications

GPS chipset

u-blox All-In-One GPS receiver


Autonomous: -148 dBm

Hot start: -160 dBm

Tracking: -162 dBm

Position accuracy

Autonomous: < 2.5m; SBAS: < 2.0m

TTFF (Open Sky)

Cold start: 30s average

Warm start: >30s average

Hot start: >1s average


Mini USB interface

For external power and configuration

Power button

Power on or off device

SOS button

SOS / Emergency alarm

Volume adjustable buttons

Two side buttons to increase/decrease volume

Dial, reject button

For dialing and rejecting incoming calls or menu selection

Preset number buttons

There are 4 buttons for quick dialing of preset numbers or menu selection

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