The personal GPS tracker that looks after your loved ones and accompanies you in your spare time

Personal GPS tracker for your family

Help loved ones enjoy their independence in complete safety with personal GPS tracker for seniors, always knowing what’s going on.

During your spare time

Whether it’s cycling or orienteering, hiking or trekking, enjoy all your outdoor passions with total peace of mind.


The tracker’s ability to receive GPS and GLONASS signals and to use A-GPS technology ensures maximum signal coverage under all conditions.


Solid and sturdy

MyWakes trackers are water, dust and shock resistant and designed for use anywhere.

personal GPS tracker with fall detection for seniors

Fall detection

Thanks to the sophisticated built-in accelerometer, the tracker can detect if the wearer has fallen and will send an automatic alert to the stored contacts list.

GPS and GLONASS locator

The built-in antenna gives you the person’s real time position, with an accuracy of up to a few meters that you can monitor on our website or our app for Apple and Android devices.

Automatic emergency call

By simply pressing the SOS button (enhanced with haptic feedback), the tracker will send an emergency call, as well as email and text message indicating exact geographical position, to the stored contacts list.

Virtual geo-fences

Set one or more geographical “safety” zones. If MyWakes detects that these virtual boundaries have been crossed, it will send a call alert, plus email and text message, to the stored contacts list.

personal GPS tracker for kids

Telecare alarm: improving independence in the elderly

Telecare monitoring and alarm help improving independence in the elderly

Kids tracker: a safe companion for your children


Always know your child’s position and get an alert if they need help, all with the simple press of a button.

Resistant and practical

The MyWakes devices are designed to be fully shock and water resistant; the protective case features a belt loop so that you can wear your tracker and take it with you anywhere.

Auto reply

This feature enables family, friends and other authorized individuals to initiate a two-way, hands-free conversation without the recipient having to press any buttons to reply.

Tailored ongoing remote monitoring

MyWakes tele-care solutions are designed to monitor and protect seniors, the disabled, the ill and other vulnerable groups.

Our range of mobile devices is specially designed to meet customers’ specific needs, keeping them independent and safe 24/7.

The discrete aide for your loved ones

Give dependent seniors more independence with a discrete monitoring system that automatically alerts you in case of need.

tele-care solutions designed to monitor and protect seniors, the disabled, the ill and other vulnerable groups

Inserting and Creating Point of Interest (POI)

From now you can have POI on all your tracks and maps of the Pickway and Keepway devices. A POI is a point that can be of and kind of interest, like a Parking area or a Tutor, from restaurant to airports. Every user can create his own point of interest or even...

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MyWakes is at Parma Fair: Salone del Camper

The Hall of the Camper From the 13 to the 21September of 2014, Wewill bepresent to the Fair of Parma “the Hall of the Camper”, Stand"HELLO CAMPING".  We wait for to you with our products, in order to discover with all the...

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