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PickWay Automotive

For your automobile.
We recommend using PhoneWay if:

  • You have an "auto fleet" to manage;
  • You provide security services.

In fact, with PhoneWay, you can:

  • Coordinate drivers directly and instantaneously throughout the territory;
  • View all of the routes travelled by your vehicles and by personnel with PhoneWay;
  • Monitor everyone's position in real time;
  • View the routes and stops;
  • Find the closest operator in order to assign the next intervention;
  • Always stay in contact with your operator through the telephone function.

By associating to each number of the keypad a code that sends a Fix, namely a special location identification point, we are able to generate messages that can provide, for example:

  • Notification of a security check carried out;
  • Notification of a completed intervention.

You can view the speed and recording time and calculate the km that are consumed on average in order to carry out a specific activity.
If you don't need to contact the operator using the vehicle, you can use PickWay! PickWay activates when the car is turned on and, once the GPS signal is found, it begins tracking the route of the car/vehicle on which it has been placed, up until the vehicle is turned off.
For personal use, PickWay may be useful in:

  • Keeping track of your routes,
  • As a supervision method, determining, for example, if a son or daughter who has recently obtained their driver's licence exceeds the speed limit;
  • Calculating statistics on consumption and use of the vehicle;
  • Acting as a car alarm.