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Latest News

  • 18 Apr 2018New Aeronautical Chart VFR 2018

    The new VFR 2018 aeronautical cartography has been released

  • 07 Feb 2018GPS Tracking for iPhone and Android

    MyWakes supports bTraced: the mobile app that allows iPhone and Android smartphone GPS tracking.

  • 12 Sep 2017MyWakes tracking API in best Web API Rest listings

    MyWakes tracking APIs are ranked sixth in Programmable Web’s SDKs and Sample Code Listings, the leading source of news & information about APIs.

PickWay Transport

To be everywhere.
Companies that manage public and private transport services can now offer their users a useful and effective service that is always CLOSE BY!
By installing PICKWAY on transport vehicles, you can communicate with your users, showing them:

  • Exactly where the vehicle they need is;
  • The route that the vehicle is covering;
  • The time of the individual stops;
  • The number of minutes left before reaching the user's desired stop.

All in Real Time!
Therefore, if a transport vehicle is late, the user will be informed in advance, giving them the opportunity, for example, to choose another means, in order to be PUNCTUAL ALL THE TIME!