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PickWay Logistics

Tracking logistics for your requirements.
Our devices are used exclusively to optimise work and they operate with precision, particularly in the transport and logistics sector.
In the logistics field, PickWay is useful if positioned on inanimate objects where we do not need to communicate with a second interlocutor (driver, operator, employee, etc...). Some obvious examples include the tracking of:

  • Packages transported by third parties to different places before arriving at their final destination;
  • Pallets moved from one warehouse to another;
  • Snow removal vehicles;
  • Waste collection vehicles;
  • Digging machines and other site vehicles.

In these sectors, the functions involve tracking and control of the effective activities of the vehicles or movement of the object on which the PickWay is positioned.
PickWay is useful in:

  • Verifying the intervention arrival time and promptness;
  • Monitoring, for example, the degree of road coverage in snow removal activities;
  • Defining the planned collection routes for waste collection vehicles;
  • Controlling the position and hours of usage, in order to monitor the effective use of leased vehicles;
  • Receiving alarm notifications for movements outside of the "Virtual Boundaries": once these have been set, they will allow you to see when the object or vehicle has gone outside of the specific area in question, via an SMS to your cellular phone. The SMS acts not only as an alert function but will allow you to receive the coordinates of the vehicle or object's current position.

In the logistics sector, PhoneWay is effective when interacting with a physical person (driver, operator, employee, etc.). PhoneWay may be just what you need, for example, for the following activities or sectors:

  • Courier services or similar activities;
  • Industries or construction sites;
  • In the management of Security fleets;
  • Redevelopment and clean-up activities and, in general, activities in which the actual work carried out must be demonstrated and tracked.

Tracking in these fields mainly regards:

  • Coordinating technicians directly and instanteneously throughout the territory;
  • Viewing all of the routes travelled by your vehicles and by personnel with PhoneWay,
  • Monitoring everyone's position in real time;
  • Viewing the routes and stops;
  • Finding the closest operator in order to assign the next intervention;
  • Staying in constant contact with your operator through the telephone function.

By associating to each number of the keypad a code that sends a Fix, namely a special location identification point, we are able to generate messages that can provide, for example:

  • Notification of goods loading/unloading;
  • Notification of points of withdrawal or deposit of inert materials (water, gravel, etc.);
  • Notification of a security check carried out;
  • Notification of a cleanup carried out in the specific point identified.

Explaining the use of our products in this sector is restrictive; however, both can provide important information:

  • Check of the driving style;
  • Calculation of the km travelled;
  • View of fleet position in real time.